Protection & Performance Motorsport Competition specification roll cages are built to MSA standards, however other specifications can be met.

Competition cages are designed for maximum strength and protection in case of a roll over or impact incident therefore choosing the right material is an important decision. All our standard competition roll cages are made from Cold Drawn Seamless (CDS) Steel generally we will use 45mm or 50mm tube. CDS conforms to FIA specifications for roll cage material but for those requiring extra strength in their cage there are higher grades of CDS available as well as T45.

T45 is a material originally designed for the aerospace industry. It is approximately twice as strong as our standard grade CDS steel and, due to thinner wall thickness, around half the weight. This allows for extra strength and an impressive saving in the weight of the cage.

We have designed and manufactured Competition specification cages for customers racing vehicles from a large number of different manufacturers such as; Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Audi, TVR, Ford, Nissan, BMW and Vauxhall.

Our range of safety roll cages is constantly expanding so call us to talk about your project.