In addition to providing kit form cages, we sell kit profiles and mounts. The majority of which are designs approved for use in roll cages. As well as saving you the time and effort of making your own parts, they are all accurately made on CNC machinery. For a list of parts we can provide, see our Parts List.

Saddle tube mounting brackets provide an effective, strong and easy to mount/dismount method mounting tube on tube. Saddles available to fit tube diametres of 2″, 45mm (1.75″) and 1.5″. We also provide longer, slotted saddles for extra adjustment.

Various Protection & Performance saddle sizes

Socketed mounting is a strong, space saving method of mounting tube. We provide sockets to suit 2″ and 45mm diameter tube.

Various Protection & Performance tubular sockets

We provide mounting plates of various shapes and sizes with varying degrees of adjustability, these plates are ideal for use in demountable objects such as removable roll cages.

Various Protection & Performance mounting plates