Roll Cage

Before deciding what type of roll cage you require, you need to think about the cages ultimate purpose (is it to limit damage to your vehicle/self in the event of a roll over, or is it to protect a driver in the event of a high speed crash), and what else you might need from your cage; Do you need to mount a roof rack to it? Or require a bar to attach your harnesses to?

We want to help you to decide what it is you need for your specific situation.

Not only do we keep in stock a range of roll and safety cages we have others designed and ready to make and are able to prepare detailed, accurate plans for other situations not already covered.
Typically vehicle safety roll cages will be designed for:

Covers a wide range of technical and safety requirements but essentially preparing your vehicle to meet situations where you or you and your convoy cover difficult terrain and may may be some distance from third party support.
Off road racing and rallying, track race, track day and club events

For other situations we design:

Our custom safety roll cages for vehicles and site equipment

All of our cages are manufactured here at our premises in the UK. Please feel free to contact us and talk to an engineer who will be able to help.