All our products are manufactured through a checkpoint system to ensure our products remain the highest of quality. The journey from a customers order to a finished product goes as follows;

  • Here at Protection & Performance Ltd we make a record of the customer’s requirements
  • The order is then checked by an experienced engineer
  • The product is built by a skilled Protection & Performance fabricator
  • The specifications and build quality are then checked
  • The product is welded and cleaned to completion
  • Weld quality is checked to ensure it is up to Protection & Performance standards
  • Product is then coated/plated (if required) and packaged for collection or delivery

For the actual tube bending process, we currently have three bending units. Two NC bending machines that allow the manipulation of tube from 19mm OD to 150mm OD, and a CNC bender that can handle from 19mm OD up to 76mm OD. Our CNC bender is a multistack mandrel push bender that is capable of rolling tube, this means our roll cages can be made to follow the lines of individual vehicles a lot closer than would be available without. The CNC bender’s accuracy allows a high quality of tube manipulation that can be repeated at the mere push of a button. This makes mass fabrication of individual tubular parts relatively quick and easy. As of April 2016, we now also have a CNC precision tube notcher that laser cuts the parts to scale which helps us with our roll cage kits, as well as thousands of our bent parts that we ship all over the world.

Protection & Performance Ltd Welding is held to both structural and cosmetic standards Protection & Performances' CNC Mandrel Tube Bender