Special Operations

Protection & Performance Ltd have a special operations department that can accommodate any requirement. To date, it is responsible for the design and manufacture of many unique vehicles including;

  • Amphibious Land Rover conversion
  • Tracked vehicle conversion
  • Hong Kong Special Forces vehicle suitable for under slung helicopter transport
  • Rally Raid 8×8 truck preparation
  • Tubular Spaceframes
  • Replacement tubular Land Rover Defender chassis
  • Observation vehicle for Government department
  • Camera tracking vehicle
  • Liebherr boxing rings

    Liebherr boxing rings

    James Bond - Skyfall

    James Bond – Skyfall

    Tracked machine ROPS

    Tracked machine ROPS

    Bespoke cage - carried by helicopter

    Bespoke cage – carried by helicopter

    Air ambulance framework

    Air ambulance framework

For a better idea, have a look at the Special Vehicle Operations section of our image gallery.

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