• Vehicle Gallery
    A comprehensive gallery of Protection & Performance roll cages fitted to a variety of different make and model vehicles
  • Accessories
    A collection of images of Protection & Performance accessories, both as additions to roll cages or as independent products
    ( 26 Pictures )
  • Spaceframes
    Spaceframes and Tubular Chassis' for both existing body shapes and custom or bespoke vehicles
    ( 16 Pictures )
  • Special Operations
    From time to time, Protection & Performance are tasked with special projects ranging from full amphibious conversions to preparation for air lift by helicopter
    ( 22 Pictures )
  • Misc Roll Cage Images
    Miscellaneous Roll Cage Images
    ( 8 Pictures )
  • Roll Cage Repairs
    Roll cages will protect you from the majority of accidents you're likely to get into, but there are times when a cage doesn't fair as well as the drivers/passengers. In those cases, we can repair bespoke cages
    ( 3 Pictures )
  • Cape to Cape
    In addition to Protection & Performances' involvement in the preparation of the Defender 110 used for the Cape to Cape expedition, PP director Dan Evans was part of the team involved in the crossing itself
    ( 8 Pictures )